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Our Overseas Partners

Doble Engineering Company, USA.
• Complete diagnostic solutions of power equipments.
• Complete electrical asset analysis and condition monitoring.
• Complete range of electrical test equipment, measuring instruments, predictive, periodic and preventive maintenance, products, solutions, and services.
Phenix Technologies Inc., USA.
Phenix Systems AG, Switzerland.
( A Doble Company )
  • High Voltage, High Current, High Power testing equipments and components.
  • Modern HV, EHV and UHV electrical laboratory.
    Morgan Schaffer, Canada.
    ( A Doble Company )
  • Accuracy by design
  • Pioneer in most reliable and accurate lab package, field package, online DGA monitoring system.
    AP SENSING, Germany
  • Most reliable Sub-sea and underground HV power cable condition monitoring solutions.
  • Technologies used:
       - Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)
       - Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS/DVS)
       - Linear Heat Detection (LHD)
       - SmartVision
    INFRATEC GmbH, Germany
  • Thermography and sensor technology specialist.
  • Wide range of Infrared or Thermal Imaging Cameras along with adjustable ranges of powerful lenses.
    Sinohydro Corporation No. 15 Company Limited, P. R. China
    • Roads & High Ways
    • Bridges
    • Railways
    • Metro Rails
    • Aviation
    • Stadium