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M2K Technology & Trading Co., Bangladesh
M2K Technology & Trading Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore

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Our Overseas Partners

Phenix Technologies Inc., USA.
Phenix Systems AG, Switzerland.
  • High Voltage, High Current, High Power Testing Equipments and Components.
  • Modern HV & EHV Electrical Laboratory.
  • &
    Doble Engineering Company., USA.
    • Complete Diagnostic Solutions of Power Equipments.
    • Complete Electrical Asset Analyzer.
    • Complete range of Electrical Test Equipment, measuring instruments, predictive and preventive maintenance instruments.
    Vanguard Instruments Company Inc., USA.
    • Electrical Test Equipment and measuring instruments
    • Predictive Maintenance Equipment & Components
    Manta Test Systems Inc., USA
    • Electrical Test Equipment and measuring instruments
    • Preventive Maintenance Equipment & Components
    Morgan Schaffer, Canada.
    • Complete Analysis and Testing Equipments for Insulating Oil (both lab and field package)
    Globecore GmbH, Germany.
    • Oil Purification Equipment
    • Vacuum Chamber and Vacuum Dryer
    • Online oil centrifugal machine
    • Oil regenerating machine
    Yifang Electric Group Inc., China
    • MV and HV Cables
    • MV and HV Conductors
    Larsen & Toubro Limited, India
    • Electrical & Automation
    • Electrical Standard Products
    • Electrical Standard Equipments.
    • GIS & AIS
    • Components
    PowerChina Nuclear Engineering Co. Ltd., P.R. China
    • Power Plants.
    • HV & EHV Transmission Lines.
    • HV & EHV Sub Stations.
    • Infrastructures.
    • EPC in multidisciplinary sectors.