Since 2000 ...
M2K Technology & Trading Co., Bangladesh
M2K Technology & Trading Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Tel : +880 170 780 9997

The M2K Advantages

  • Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Responsible and Trustworthy.
  • A complete line of Testing and Measuring Systems, all other LV, MV, HV and EHV equipments (Both AIS and GIS) and components.
  • All Electricals under one umbrella from single source.
  • Power Plants, Sub-stations and Transmission Lines.
  • Superior Quality, Reliability, Durability and Versatility for decades of extended service life.
  • Innovative Technical and Technological Solutions.
  • Prompt response (24 Hours Online).
  • Optimum safety features.
  • Operating software that provides automation, data acquisition, remote control and capabilities to meet demanding testing applications.
  • 20+ years' Experience.

Resident Representative of

1. Phenix Technologies Inc. USA

2. Phenix Systems AG, Switzerland

3. Doble Engineering Company, USA

4. Vanguard Instruments Company Inc., USA

5. Manta Test Systems Ltd., USA

6. Morgan Schaffer, Canada

7. GlobeCore GmbH, Germany

8. Power China Nuclear Engineering Company Limited.